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RE: [BULK] [art_education] making mosaic tiles for steppingstones

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  • Hillmer, Jan
    Wow, Kathy, that sounds almost exactly like what I was thinking about. How do these hold up? Did you use different glazes? I d expect some chipping, but the
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 2, 2007

      Wow, Kathy, that sounds almost exactly like what I was thinking about.  How do these hold up?  Did you use different glazes?  I’d expect some chipping, but the color remains?  What about relief work?  How does that hold up?  How big was each piece of the slab?

      Thanks for your answer – now I know I can do this.


      Jan i.T.


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      I have done mosaic stepping stones with glass and ceramic "tiles". I
      let the students adher the glass design onto contact paper, place into
      the bottom of a mold, and then pour concrete mix into top. The next day
      it is ready to be removed from the mold and cleaned. Similar to that, I
      have let them roll out a slab of clay and create a "mosaic" by cutting
      the slab into pieces to form a design, letting it dry, bisque firing,
      glazing and firing and then using the same process as with glass to pour
      the stepping stone. I let the stepping stone cure for three weeks
      before setting into the ground.

      Kathy Trott
      NBCT '04
      Visual Art Teacher
      Septima P. Clark Corporate Academy

      >>> hillmjan@berkeleypr ep.org
      11/2/2007 7:49 AM >>>

      I am wondering about the feasibility of making mosaic tiles for use in
      concrete stepping stones.

      I am sure they'd be stepped on, and they'd be outside. Since we're
      talking FL, the weather would be plenty of sun, moisture and maybe 2
      actual freezes during the winter.

      Has anyone done this? Yes, the tiles would have to be small, but how
      big could I go with a single tile size? Could I do very low relief?
      would glazes hold up? Anything else I should know?

      Jan in Tampa

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