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The need to teach tolerance and understanding

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  • Judy Decker
    Dear Art Educators, I could go on and on about this topic. I know the awful things that were done in the past in the name of christianity (lowercase on
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2007
      Dear Art Educators,

      I could go on and on about this topic. I know the awful things that
      were done in the past "in the "name of christianity" (lowercase on
      purpose here). It saddens me to even think about it. We can all be a
      "witness" by teaching tolerance and understanding of beliefs that are
      different than our own. I took a philosophy of religion class when I
      was in college. I was fascinated with all that is good in the world
      religions. I wish I could remember the title of the book. I know I no
      longer have it. For my research project, I did "Was Jesus the
      Messiah?" I know I ran across that research paper up in my attic a
      while back (years ago), so I do still have it. Could I find it now?
      Probably not. But I will tell you that according to other accounts,
      Jesus was not an attractive man, he was quite homely according to
      accounts not of the Bible. Yes, Jesus was in fact a real being... not
      a mythical creation.

      We (Christians) need to do everything we can to hold onto our 33%.
      Islam is now the fasted growing religion and will take over
      Christianity as leading world religion by mid 21st Century. I believe
      in all that is good about Islam too....but I fear the extreme and we
      all should. I intend to learn more about Islam so I can "talk" more
      about that, too. Art teachers need to know what they are and are not
      permitted to do in art class. I know there are strict restrictions on
      what they can depict (for some groups anyways). I had a student who
      would not draw animals - didn't know why he was struggling so. It was
      later I found out he was of Muslim faith (in a private conversation
      when we were looking up meaning of names - he was in during academic
      assist time). I don't know if drawing animals is a "no no" - but
      intend to find out (one of these days). That student did the best
      abstract Impressionistic landscape in the class. His name was Jameel.

      Posts like this are my "prayers to God".... there is always a lot more
      going on in my head when I write these. He "listens" to every word. I
      believe we all have a "mission". Maybe this is part of mine?

      Thanks Ken for showing me this is an important topic for Art Education list.

      Wishing for Peace,

      Judy Decker
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