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Re: [art_education] lessons for 6th grade-comics!

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  • Jeff Pridie
    Hi, Sixth graders are really focused on themselves and friends. Doing projects that deal with them or their friends make them happy. They love to do word
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 4, 2007

      Sixth graders are really focused on themselves and
      friends. Doing projects that deal with them or their
      friends make them happy. They love to do word design
      projects...their names...friends names. Constructing
      things to make them happy....design their bedrooms
      using a variety of materials cardboard, wallpaper,
      carpet, paint, etc., construct a tennis shoe out of
      clay then glaze or paint it in a creative fashion that
      describes their personality, take the images they
      create on the computer and make them into paintings
      etc, have them create a childrens book using their
      cartoon skills, have them create political cartoons
      dealing with issues that relate to students (maybe one
      about not being put into the middle school), poster
      designs, C.D cover designs of favorite songs, create
      an ad for a product, teeshirt designs,

      Just some suggestions

      Jeff (minnesota)

      > Once again the list comes to the rescue!! This is a
      > tough year for our district. We are small with only
      > one middle school and one high school with 3
      > elementary schools feeding in. At the beginning of
      > this year we opened a 4th elementary school, zoned
      > for the first time ever, and kept the 6th grade at
      > the elementary level. So this means many students
      > had to switch schools and we got a number of 6th
      > grade students who are new to our school and are
      > feeling a little resentful that they didn't get to
      > go to middle school ( like in the past) I am an
      > early childhood major (taught 1st grade before I had
      > my own babies) and I barely liked my own children
      > when they were in middle school!! (loved 'em but
      > they had those adolescent days) So older kids are
      > always a little more challenging to me. To make the
      > situation worse I have been out on medical leave 14
      > days since the start of school. In for a week out
      > for a week in for a week, out for 2 weeks--a
      > nightmare!! Hopefully I'm well and back in t
      > he saddle! So now how to hook those 6th graders - oh
      > and by the way did I mention our district had no
      > curriculum for middle school so I'm supposed to be
      > just making something up? I love the comic book
      > lesson- a lot of them are into that I noticed. We
      > are finishing up our Square 1 Magnet stuff so I had
      > the 6th grade class start the autobiographical
      > writing for the comic lesson (as they finished the
      > magnet assignment) They really seem excited and
      > ready to start. So thanks Kris for the timely
      > suggestions! My art club this year will be 9 6th
      > grade boys! Any suggestions there? I did an interest
      > survey their first week. They want to go outside and
      > action paint and do clay. I let them use photobooth
      > on my MAC ad they had a blast doing special
      > portraits.
      > JEryl in SC

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