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Re: Printing lesson idea (Elem - MS)

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  • pent19
    I wrote this one down in my ideas book. I do a very successful pop art self portrait printmaking unit with my highschool students. The students end up with
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      I wrote this one down in my 'ideas' book. I do a very successful pop
      art self portrait printmaking unit with my highschool students. The
      students end up with extra prints (some are duds and not registered)
      that often get tossed. I am going to have them cut these prints and
      collage them onto paper, creating some environment (space, sky, land,
      water, abstract). A great and creative extension on a successful unit.
      Michele NY
      --- In art_education@yahoogroups.com, "Judy Decker" <judy.decker@...>
      > Dear Art Educators,
      > I often did a lesson with my middle school students where they
      > extended the print. The printed image was part of a larger work. This
      > idea works out well if you have limited printing supplies as students
      > who are not printing can be working on the larger drawings.
      > Here is a lesson idea from Arts & Activities.
      > http://www.artsandactivities.com/Page/Articles06/A110632.pdf
      > Students did "The Scream" (What makes them want to scream?). The
      > printed image (the scream part) is 6" x 9" (although write up says 9 x
      > 12). The rest of the composition can be finished with colored pencils,
      > markers, oil pastels, construction paper crayons....etc. My favorite
      > lesson that I did with this was a Romare Bearden inspired lesson. The
      > rest of the composition was finished with collage and drawing. We use
      > photographs of students from around the school as subject (they were
      > actually photos left over from the Yearbook).
      > The tricky part is registering the printed image with the rest of the
      > drawing. Trace the rectangle of the printing plate lightly on 12 x 18
      > paper (article says white - yet they used light colored construction
      > paper for the examples shown) - leave that part of the page clear of
      > any marks. Carefully line up the inked plate. Remember that the print
      > will be a reversed image - so original drawing needs to be reversed
      > when transferring to printing plate. Like the article, we planned the
      > composition on 12 x 18 newsprint and selected an interesting part to
      > be our printed image. My students did reduction lino-cuts.
      > If anyone does this activity - Extending the Print - send examples to
      > Incredible Art Department. Folks are always looking for printing
      > ideas.
      > Regards,
      > Judy Decker
      > Incredible Art Department
      > http://www.princetonol.com/groups/iad/
      > Incredible Art Resources
      > http://www.princetonol.com/groups/iad/lessons/middle/
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