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Re: [art_education] Wayong - share my dream

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  • Judy Decker
    Hi Wayong and anyone else who is reading, I share your dream...My biggest dream in life was to teach art.... I feel I do that everyday now through these list
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2003
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      Hi Wayong and anyone else who is reading,

      I share your dream...My biggest "dream" in life was to teach art.... I feel
      I do that everyday now through these list serves - and the web sites... I am
      carrying on in my dream...and I am using my training that I got doing my
      Master's Degree. My research project was using hypermedia- the Web - to
      motivate learning....It sure has motivated my learning (and yes it did
      motivate learning in my students as well.) That was the birth of Judy's
      Incredible Art Resources - It all began with my African Art Internet
      Lesson - the rest of the web just developed as a result of that (although
      none of the other lessons were nearly as elaborate and thorough).

      Wayong's Dream:
      > I wish there was a support system - not just in cyberspace but in real
      life- where teachers, therapists and parents can express their frustration,
      problem solve & support each other through these times & still be a creative
      inspiration for children. Is this just a fantasy or does anyone on this
      list have this experience (whether just an one time thing or ongoing group)?
      I tried starting a group like that when I was back in Colorado, but I gave
      up when nobody seemed interested.

      Wayong -- we have our own kind of "group therapy" and the best thing is that
      it is FREE...and we get together when we can at no set schedule - we can
      just talk anytime of the day - or night. My husband calls this my fantasy
      world... I assure him all of you are real (smiles). If Art Teachers ruled
      the real world...there would be PEACE on EARTH (I can wish for it anyways,
      right?)-- but look at all of the people who would be out of work? How mny
      Psychiatrists would be out of work? Art Teachers will never rule the world
      (smiles). How about getting a former art teacher to run for president? or a
      former teacher anyways.

      > The only reason why I'm still on these lists is to remind myself that I
      once worked helping people with art.

      Smiles - "Me too" (to quote a popular Getty post line)....

      Wayong. Join in my quest to share knowledge to other art teachers. Send me a
      lesson that was highly successful with students...Reach an art teacher with
      your ideas. Maybe add your expertise - art therapy - something to help
      troubled youths. Continue helping people with art...Doors WILL open for you.
      I know that.

      I enjoyed sharing with you today. --and Thank you for your positive comments
      about Incredible Art Department -- yes - it is a Passion of mine.

      Judy Decker
      Incredible Art Department

      P.S. I did sign back onto Getty list as Judy Decker for Incredible Art
      Department. IAD dos need Getty for new lesson plans. Today so far I spent
      five hours reading and responing to the email -- hopefully, I'll cut that
      time down. I think the time for me to sign off will be in the summer -- then
      I'll get all of the work planned that I have stashed into folders. There are
      just too many good ideas coming in now -- too good to ignore.
      Lesson plans from you folks are ALWAYS welcome too. You have great ideas to
      share. Believe me folks, when I ask you for a lesson plan do not remember
      that I asked.(my pea sized brain can not remember everything I write)... I
      send out tons of emails daily. When I tell you I like an idea you posted and
      ask for the plan -- that will be the only request you will get.
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