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Architecture- meets technology - clay too!(elementary - middle)

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  • Judy Decker
    Dear Friends in Art Education, Thanks Brenda for sharing this with ArtsEducators list - It goes without saying that I am interested in putting this lesson on
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2003
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      Dear Friends in Art Education,

      Thanks Brenda for sharing this with ArtsEducators list - It goes without
      saying that I am interested in putting this lesson on the site (let me know
      if you are interested Jdecker@...)

      Here is a lesson you might want to try from Brenda (work with the computer
      specialist in your building).
      I am just in the middle of teaching my fifth graders about architecture. It
      is just a general study, but we found some interesting stuff. I have been
      having them participate in a web quest at the Sanford web site. It's called
      Be an Architect. They have learned a lot and had lots of fun. We are going
      to finish the unit with a clay tile elevation of their design. Our computer
      teacher helped with the technical part.
      It was great. Just thought I would throw this out as using technology. I
      haven't tried actually making art on the computer yet. ~ Brenda

      Brenda I saved you previous post too (now I'll have it all in one message):
      I am just starting an architecture unit with my fifth graders. We are just
      going to be collecting architectural features and learning the names of
      parts of buildings and the job of an architect. But, I was checking on the
      net for web quests so that the students could research in computer lab as
      well as with books in my class.Here are the links.
      ture/ARC0003.html (be sure to add the rest of URL - I didn't take time to
      "tiny" it)

      Here are some resource to help you with your units:
      (Please use this page -- I am getting WAY too many request from hotel sites
      to put links on it --smiles)
      I can't say enough about this WONDERFUL site:
      Illustrated Dictionary

      See these ceramic house tiles by Jill's students in New Zealand - wonderful
      bird tiles too! (those are new to me):

      Folks are always asking about clay projects -- while I am here I might as
      well point out Jill's birds:
      Kids can do this! I have done them as young as second grade -- and as old as
      high school. (Um... just don't forget to take the egg out -- duh. We used a
      plastic wrap separator - cut the clay when about leather hard - removed the
      egg - then fused the clay bird body back together again leaving a pin hole
      opening. You can also make two pinch pots - use the egg to help shape the
      pinch pots.Works for making fish too).

      Oh I love lizards too! check these out (Aboriginal in feeling but NOT

      See all of these ideas, too (I am curious about the pen and dye shells):

      More ideas to see - check out the site.

      Judy Decker - Ohio
      Incredible Art Department
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