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Americans for the Arts Annual Convention Highlights

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      Research and Information

      Advanced Registration Deadline: April 16, 2007. Don't risk missing a sold out convention! Register Today.

      Highlights of the 2007 Annual Convention include the release of national research conducted by Americans for the Arts, a workshop lead by AMS Planning Research on the current arts landscape in America, the culmination of the MetLife Foundation National Arts Forum Series, and the 2007 release of the highly popular Public Art Year in Review.

      Arts Economic Prosperity III
      Arts & Economic Prosperity cover
      Americans for the Arts rolls out its new study of the economic impact of nonprofit arts organizations and their audiences in this special lunch session. Arts Economic Prosperity III demonstrates statistically that the arts are an industry-one that supports jobs, generates government revenue, and is the cornerstone of tourism. Distinguished national leaders in business, government, and philanthropy will discuss the importance of the arts to economic and community development. Summaries of the reports will be distributed and you will learn how to make this potent case for arts support in your community.

      The Arts Landscape in America
      Environmental Scan Workshops with AMS Planning Research
      During the spring, Americans for the Arts is asking you to participate in our environmental scan of the arts landscape in America. We want to hear how your communities are going to change in the next five years, what challenges you are going to confront, and how Americans for the Arts can shape programming and services to best equip you to face that future. In addition to survey work, our partner in this process, AMS Planning Research, will interview arts, philanthropic, and civic leaders; funders; and citizen members to capture a comprehensive picture of the future of the arts. Join AMS Planning Research as it summarizes what it hears and participate in a dialogue about its research findings.

      The Role of Arts Education in Life-long Productivity
      A culminating event in the MetLife Foundation National Arts Forum Series
      This joint session of the Private-Sector and Arts Education tracks will feature an interview with Sir Ken Robinson followed by a panel of respondents on the relationship between arts education and workforce development. Exploring this theme will allow for a comprehensive discussion of the central role the arts can play in helping to create a workforce capable of achieving corporate and citizenship objectives. The forum will conclude with a dynamic working session in which participants will begin to craft a policy statement on the value of the arts in the entire human life cycle. This forum is presented as part of the MetLife Foundation National Arts Forum Series. The forums are currently taking place in 20 cities nationwide and investigating themes related to the arts and workforce development.

      Public Art Year in Review
      The Public Art Year in Review celebrates the most successful, innovative, and exciting public art projects in the United States. Each year, the Public Art Network of Americans for the Arts requests and collects entries from visual artists nationally and invites two accomplished arts professionals to review and select projects to be included. This year's curators are Miwon Kwon and James Carpenter.

      Check out our website for money-saving tips, including team registration and the emerging leader discount, as well as scholarships available through Americans for the Arts partners. Register by April 16, 2007, to get the advanced registration rate!

      We look forward to seeing you in Vegas!

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