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Re: [art_education] Questions about renting a studio space..

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  • Jennifer Spence
    Ah, the Ozarks.... Well, I grew up in back country Maryland - actually my town was considered the City to the folks from D.C. (Deep Country). lol. Well, I
    Message 1 of 9 , Mar 7, 2007
      Ah, the Ozarks....
      Well, I grew up in back country Maryland - actually my town was considered "the City" to the folks from D.C. (Deep Country). lol.
      Well, I think you should do your own ad.  If the owner doesn't ad then she's not a good business woman, to be honest.  To heck with her. Advertise at the local schools.  I'm sure that the school would be willing to photocopy flyers for whatever age group you're trying to attract.  You'll probably get more than what you're looking for, to be honest.  You can send flyers to the local churches, post on local community board - whereever folks congregate.  Be creative, artist-lady!
      Jen Spence
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      Subject: Re: [art_education] Questions about renting a studio space..

      Ah, to live in Manhattan. No, I am in the "ozarks" of NY up near
      Albany. About as back country as you can get, sigh......
      So, I would be willing to pay in Manhattan. I am just afraid
      that, since it is a new class, that I will not get alot of students
      the first go round. The owner does no advertising short of
      a flyer that she sends to people already on her mailing list.
      I am thinking about doing my own little advert in a local
      paper once the class time is decided. Maybe I could get
      her to give me a little discount on the rent as I will
      be advertising her store as well.
      Thanks for the advice!
      S. Gordon
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      Sent: Sunday, March 04, 2007 10:59 PM
      Subject: RE: [art_education] Questions about renting a studio space..

      Well, I don't know where you are located, in Manhattan space is at a premium, so it seems a fair price.. The thing is that you would need to make sure that you keep your enrollment high.  You may want to increase the max to 12 or 15 to ensure that. 



      Jen Spence

      PS/MS 278, NYC


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      Sent: Tuesday, February 27, 2007 8:00 AM
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      Subject: [art_education] Questions about renting a studio space..


      Hello All,


      I have found a local Craft Store that

      is willing to let me teach Drawing classes

      in their space.


      We had a meeting yesterday to hammer

      out the financial stuff and she is asking

      for $25.00/class rent.


      The session is 6 weeks and I am planning

      on charging $89.00 per student plus supplies.

      Works out to be $150.00 total rent.

      The class minimum would be 5 students (max 10).


      I would love to hear some experienced

      advice about this.


      I personally think it is too high, but

      not sure what to base that on, except

      that it is seriously cutting into my


      That turns out to be less than

      $10.00/student/ class income for the minimum.

      I never expect to get the max, especially

      during the first run of the class.


      Any advice would be great!




      Shelly G.





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