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News on Judy Decker's Conan2 - aired today

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  • Judy Decker
    (This is about Sculpture and Mosaics in LEGOs) Good News Friends in Art Education, This story does have a Hero after all (Remember the national TV network
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      (This is about Sculpture and Mosaics in LEGOs)

      Good News Friends in Art Education,

      This story does have a "Hero" after all (Remember the national TV network
      found my heroes lesson plan and assumed I could make an aluminum foil
      sculpture). That hero is Eric Harshbarger
      (http://www.ericharshbarger.org/lego/ ) - LEGO artist
      (Eric did make them pay for his art - I didn't expect him to tell me how
      much). The national network got a block shaped head for their segment on
      that morning news/talk show - and it was a caricature which is what they
      wanted all along (they just never told me until I was done)...and it was a
      good one, too! That national network must accept my apology for posting this
      story again - but I did promise to tell all of you who the hero would be in
      this (LOL today, folks). I did put my conan2 back online just for you to
      see....he really wasn't shown much on air - was hidden most of the time by
      the box they had him in. They did do one close-up shot of him - and I do
      have that on tape. From what I could see - they used him as is. Eric's
      "bust" in LEGOs had front row billing on the table of gifts. They solved the
      toilet paper problem by giving that late night talk show personality a roll
      of toilet paper with his picture printed on it - plus a basket with a
      plunger and other fun gifts. The next talk show topped them by given the
      personality "the world" wrapped in foil (Atlas pose holding the huge foil
      wrapped ball over his head). (BTW - Aluminun is the Tenth Anniversary gift)

      conan2 (this image falls under fair use - for aesthetic inquiry)

      CONAN3 in LEGO:
      I don't think Conan3 was entirely out of LEGO bricks either - from what I
      read on Eric's site. I think he may have had a wood support inside.

      Bart Simpson - this probably showed them Eric could "make the grade"

      Here is Eric's art - a Mona Lisa mosaic - WOW!:
      /mona_lego or http://tinyurl.com/mw1x
      See detail:
      /mona_lego or http://tinyurl.com/mw21
      Colista - done with tiny letter blocks - this one is really amazing!

      Lego and Geometry - Art-math folks:
      Get a set for your classroom:
      This guy is "famous" now - he had a sculpture shown on national TV! Better
      hurry before the prices go up (smile). Actually, he has been on TV before.

      This link shows the sculptures separated from the mosaics:

      Eric does value his time:
      I don't know how much that national network valued his time.

      They did have a sheet cake too - and for that they used this face logo:

      I watched the segment the next show had -- they gave the personality a huge
      ball (that
      phys ed medicine ball) covered with aluminum foil.
      TV was still on in the other room...I couldn't help but hear the host
      him (very loudly at that).

      If you want to see more what you can do with LEGO - see Kris Fontes LEGO
      Rocky: http://www.thericewriter.com/

      Great day to you all!

      Judy Decker - Ohio
      Incredible Art Department

      P.S. for Eric - if you got down this far....we (art teachers) were all
      really ticked when that network expected us to provide heads for free. You
      proved us right. Artists deserve to be paid for their time. Too bad they
      didn't give you as much time as they gave me - They contacted me July 30. It
      only took me a couple of days (working on and off) to get my conan2
      presented to them for approval. August 27 is when they were told I was
      done - I was too late to cancel shipment....Maybe they did contact you
      before then? Feel free to include a little blurb about your "Hero" status on
      your site, if you want. Eric - Art Teachers give you an A+
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