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    I will piggy back onto idea #1...I use those pieces of wax paper melts as inserts for a mosaic on black kraft paper. It gives a stain glass window effect and
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2007
      I will piggy back onto idea #1...I use those pieces of wax paper melts
      as inserts for a mosaic on black kraft paper. It gives a stain glass
      window effect and light shines through the wax paper/crayon like a stain
      glass window. Simply cut out the design you want on the black kraft
      paper and use it as a pattern to cut out larger versions on the wax
      paper, then glue it to one side of the kraft paper. It positively

      >>> jenmillward@... 02/05/07 8:52 AM >>>
      8. Make a sculpture out of old crayons.

      9. We shave crayons for coloring Easter eggs. Heat up water in a large
      can using a double-boiler sort of system (can with water in it inside a
      with a few inches in it. Sprinkle a few shavings in the water and then
      dip a
      room-temperature boiled egg just below the surface of the water using
      an egg
      dipper. Swirl around, take out of water and set somewhere to cool and


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      I am looking for lots of projects to do with TONS of broken
      crayons......let's see if we can come up with atleast 50.....

      1.shread and sprinkle on wax paper cover with another sheet of wax
      paper and

      iron both together...placemats, greeting cards...mobile..
      2. Batik
      3. plaques by melting the crayon shavings between 2 sheets of wax paper

      a warm iron and let that dry. Then we outlined a shape - like a coffee
      or something and cut it out of the shavings after they hardened - then

      peeled the wax paper off. Place it in a frame for the wall.
      4. I like the notion of melting them into tins for JUMBO crayons and I

      wonder if extending the length of them by placing them in a cigarette

      would work. You can get them in a couple different lengths
      5. I also made rainbow crayons by breaking them up and heating them and

      puttig them in muffin tins with liners...cool ...the kids loved them
      made for all 578 students my 1st year at this school for Christmas
      6. Cut out a piece of sandpaper, the more coarse the better. Allow the

      children to draw a picture on the rough surface with leftover crayons.
      the sandpaper is all colored, place in the oven on an old cookie sheet
      low. It makes a bit of a waxy smell, but once the pictures are melted
      on the

      sandpaper, let dry and you have an art piece to cherish
      7. crayons broken in small bits and shavings, we made a picture on a
      of drawing paper. After that, we covered the crayon shaving picture
      with a
      sheet of paper and ironed the design in, by carefully moving over it
      with a
      warm iron and slight pressure. Very like a stain glass effect and fun
      to do.

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