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High School Special Ed Lesson idea

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  • Judy Decker
    Dear Art Educators, Here is a lesson idea that is on Incredible Art Department. Digital Self Portrait Transparency Overlay (this works with Special Need
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      Dear Art Educators,

      Here is a lesson idea that is on Incredible Art Department.

      Digital Self Portrait Transparency Overlay (this works with Special
      Need students, too)


      Digital camera, photo editing software, printer, transparencies (for
      printer OR photocopier), black permanent markers (in case touch up are
      needed on photo), 9 x 12 watercolor paper (or heavy drawing paper -
      could be cut to 8 1/2 x 11), watercolors (or tempera), brushes, water
      dishes, any additional supplies you want for watercolor techniques
      (salt, toothbrushes, Saran wrap).

      Introduce the Art of Peter Max and Andy Warhol.
      Introduce some non-objective - expressionistic art (pick some
      favorites). Show some different styles of painting (Videos: I Can Fly
      II and I Can Fly III are both good for styles of painting)

      Students play - literally - with paints on 8 1/2 by 11 paper (or 9 x
      12)....Teach some experimental watercolor techniques - anything
      goes....paint with any body part that can hold a brush (hands - feet -
      mouth - strapped to the head - whatever works. There will be no such
      thing as a bad painting. Just be careful you don't end up with "mud".
      You might want to have them limit to related colors for each painting
      . Do cool a colors painting - do a warm colors painting. Select colors
      that have special meaning to them - show emotions. They could do
      several different ones (on 9 x 12 size paper). What kind of emotions
      are you expressing? (Note student could work larger with painting -
      then select a portion of it for the portrait overlay).

      Take digital photograph portraits during class - one at a time. Try to
      have a strong light on one side for dramatic portraits... have them
      show the emotions they were expressing in their paintings. (You might
      even take a couple different photos of each student prior to this unit
      - have them make a couple different expressions - then let them select
      the photo/emotion for their digital portrait).

      Have student select photograph and favorite painting. Manipulate
      photograph to high contrast black and white (how to's are on IAD
      lesson plan for cut paper portrait). It would be nice if students
      could see how this is done. When I taught multi-handicapped, they
      liked going to the computer lab.

      Print photographs on transparencies (right on printer) - OR make
      transparency on photocopier - both ways will work (you can probably
      get the photocopier transparencies from your school office supplies).

      Overlay the transparency photo over the painting. Blacken photograph
      with permanent marker if it didn't come out dark enough ( I have never
      done this personally so do not know what works best)

      Students make a border frame with cut paper (optional) or simply a
      construction paper mat (cut opening slightly smaller than 8 1/2 x 11)-
      OR mat finished work with a quality mat board. Optional: Make collage
      a border of words around the photograph on the mat. Choose words
      expressing who they are.

      Note: Older - more capable students could work larger and make their
      own transparency using acetate and permanent markers - lay enlarged
      photo under the acetate and trace - then fill in. You could go as
      large as 12" x 18" for those. For elementary, I would keep them 8 1/2
      x 11.

      This is listed on this page (scroll down):

      Grace Hall did this lesson with a group of multi-handicapped students
      and it was very successful. Unfortunately, she did not get and photos
      taken. I don't know if she followed the steps above. I wrote this out
      quite some time ago.

      If anyone does try this lesson idea, send a sample to Incredible Art Department.


      Judy Decker
      Incredible Art Department
      Incredible Art Resources
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