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Coil Baskets of the Navajo

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  • Judy Decker
    Many of you are planning basket making units this year. Sarah Grow - college student- shared this link with me for Navajo coil baskets
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2003
      Many of you are planning basket making units this year.

      Sarah Grow - college student- shared this link with me for Navajo coil

      http://cfac.byu.edu/moa/?flash=current. Click on the exhibitions link and
      go to past exhibitions.
      Walk In Beauty: Hózhó and Navajo Basketry
      Brigham Young University Museum of Art prsented the exhibition titled, Walk
      in Beauty: Hózhó and Navajo Basketry displaying 38 stunning Navajo Baskets,
      http://tinyurl.com/m1kg (see if this link takes you there). You will find
      six beautiful baskets and six short video clips about the basket makers (I
      watched three of them).
      It was interesting to me too see how similar they are to my Nigerian basket.
      I think basket making is one way to bridge cultures.
      Here is information about the exhibit that is easier to read (bigger font):

      Brief history of the Navajo:

      If you are looking for images for a PowerPoint - you might try this site:
      Here is another commercial site that tells a bit about the stories
      I generally don't link commercial site up to my site - but thought I would
      pass these on to you.

      This gives your students a nice summary of Navajo artwork:

      This page shows the traditional style described in the article above:

      Those of you doing the paper cup weaving and paper plate weaving might want
      to look up some Hopi weaving. I did see a couple examples. One is on this
      Ancient Nations Gallery:
      If anyone does a search for more Hopi baskets - post those to the list.

      Oh my - grab a cup of coffee and take a look at these links:

      I'll be saving these links for the next time basket making comes up. I am
      very interested in putting a lesson plan on Incredible Art Department for
      coil baskets. I'll provide the links for the lesson. I would like a couple
      of pictures of student work and a description. If you have found any step by
      step pictures online - then I can just link to that.

      College students - if you land on a site that has images you think you would
      want for a PowerPoint later - you might want to save them to file, now.
      Sites have a tendency to change. Just be sure to save the information for
      the pictures, too (artist, title, date etc). We had a long discussion on
      Copyright just a short time ago.

      Links for telephone wire coil baskets are already on the site.

      Judy Decker - Ohio
      Incredible Art Department

      P.S. for Sarah - there are many more sites out there for Navajo Culture -
      now you can have fun adding onto your resources.
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