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Introducing Luz Maria Lopez - modern icons

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  • Judy Decker
    Dear Friends in Art Education For those of you who really go after meaing in art - DO take a look at the work of Luz Maria Lopez:
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2003
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      Dear Friends in Art Education

      For those of you who really go after "meaing" in art - DO take a look at the
      work of Luz Maria Lopez:
      I wish I had her work to show when I made my foil tooled shadow box frames
      years ago. Our foil tooled frames were Mexican/Renaissance inspired and
      framed a dry point engraved print on handmade paper. Many framed their
      handcolored print (some put the hand colored one in their handmade books). I
      can see you making connections to all sorts of Icon art - and Renaissance
      art - you name it - even Frida Kahlo (foil tooled frame - around a self
      portriat) Check out the sculptural framing on the Mayan installation.
      Wonderful connections to your units on Mayan art:
      I'm intereted in seeing more from this artist if anyone comes across her in
      your surfing. I'm saving the images to file now.

      Grace Hall is using this artist with her heroes unit. Grace has images of
      Icons from Europe and Russia (I think). Grace and I have similar interests.
      She knew I would like this artist.

      From Grace: I did a PowerPoint on Icons in Art, used several historical
      icons to show the use of gold leaf, the format, and the subject matter
      always being in honor of a significant individual. Then I showed them
      Luz-Maria's work to show them how contemporary artists might create iconic

      Grace is using my Triptych lesson plan:

      I am looking forward to adding some of her students' work to the plan - with
      HER adaptations. I love it when someone starts with one of my ideas and
      makes it even BETTER.

      Do share when you have used a lesson from Incredible Art Department. I think
      folks would like to know their ideas are reaching others. I can very easily
      add your student work to the plan to show your adaptation. Dawn Steinecker
      is using the heroes unit too -and stretching it - combining withe her own

      Judy Decker - Ohio
      Incredible Art Department
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