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Re: [art_education] best all-purpose wet media paper for elem art

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  • Susan Bennett
    I use 80 lb white sulfphite for painting with tempera, in the classroom. It does ok with watercolor. I try to avoid eraser marks though. Of course watercolor
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 3, 2007
      I use 80 lb white sulfphite for painting with tempera, in the classroom.  It does ok with watercolor. I try to avoid eraser marks though.  Of course watercolor paper is nice when I can afford it. There are some inexpensive student quality watercolor paper that I use.  I also use tag board for tempera and watercolor.
      Susan in Ohio

      maryelizabethmeier <maryelizabethmeier@...> wrote:
      Hello all,
      Does anyone have a recommendation for the best all purpose white paper
      that does not buckle and pucker when watercolor or tempera is used? I
      am looking for a high quality all purpose paper for the elementary
      classroom. I am looking for the elementary art teacher's "best paper"
      rating! Thank you.
      Mary Elizabeth Meier
      Erie, PA

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