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New file for sharing - Linda Woods Art room floor plan -work and storage areas

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  • linda
    A while back we were discussing drying racks and then floor plans. I mentioned that I had added extra tables between each set of two tables where my kids
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      A while back we were discussing drying racks and then floor plans. I
      mentioned that I had added extra tables between each set of two tables
      where my kids work. I also mentioned the U shape arrangement of my
      tables, and the way I have reconfigured my desk into an L shape of two
      tables to use my projector and Elmo. Still further back I mentioned
      the built in drying rack that I have for 60 18x24 inch works that is
      part of a storage cabinet for grade 2. Above the drying racks (open
      to the front only and without cabinet doors) and 2nd grade storage
      cabinets is a shelf (the original countertop) where I have all of my
      colored media stored in 6 tubs each for colored pencils, markers,
      crayons, and pastels. We added another countertop above the original
      countertop that became the media shelf. That new high countertop has
      my other supply bins that kids share on it...pencils, pens, rulers,
      glue, tape, scissors, hole punches, fancy cutting scissors, etc.
      Then, atop that high countertop, at each end of the countertop, we
      added bookshelves that go up to the ceiling. These measure 1.5 foot
      wide by 1.5 feet tall in sections that go to the ceiling. Between
      each of these shelvs is a display board. When I get back to school I
      will photograph it for you. In the back of the room, there is a 28
      foot long bulletin board with the same configuration of new high
      countertop over old countertop that became a shelf 8" deep where I
      store 18x24 inch ream paper boxes full of demonstration samples. I
      have room for 2 boxes per grade level that I teach all on the old
      countertop/shelf. I use the upper new countertop to store clay
      drying, glazing, etc. as well as a small paper rack for me to keep my
      projects in progress folders for demos. The new high countertop is
      also perfect for 3 high stools where I can send disruptive kids to
      work in private at times. My New L shaped desk is about 4 or 5 feet
      in front of this back wall of cabinets/shelves/and projector screen.
      My projector and Elmo camera cart rolls out of the kiln room right
      next to my desk when I use it, so I can lock it up conventiently, as
      well. My tables are in a U shape to my desk. I can walk up the
      middle of the U and see everyone. The new tables between each set of
      two tables is for their table folders while working, supplies, and
      whatever else we need room for. I also can store boxes of mixed media
      or 3D supplies or projects underneath these 3 new tables when needed.
      When we work in 3D I use the space between my desk and the back
      counter to store their work. I am pipe dream asking for the school to
      knock out a wall in the kiln room/storage area that will lead into
      another room where we can store the 3D work or even work back there
      for 3D and leave all of the endless boxes full of milk jugs, cones,
      wood scraps, etc. etc. etc. in all the time so that we can just walk
      in and use it! I have had a few requests for a diagram or photo, so
      hope this helps.
      Happy New Year!
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