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  • Judy Decker
    Dear Art Educators. Randy Menninghaus just made it so easy for me to pick Aesthetics as the word for today (I know I did beauty already) From Randy Menninghaus
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 25, 2003
      Dear Art Educators.

      Randy Menninghaus just made it so easy for me to pick Aesthetics as the word
      for today (I know I did beauty already)

      From Randy Menninghaus - A Recipe for Art:

      "Close your eyes, begin to turn. Think of the best things you have done in
      your life. Think of the first time you saw the sea. The first time you had
      whipped cream. Think of your best friends.

      Art is all that. And more. Art excites us. It gets our energy humming. Go
      out and make art."

      No where in there does it say it has to be "good art" - get them to put some
      feeling into their art and it will be good art (in their eyes). Georgia
      O'Keeffe would like what Randy has to say. Georgia got tired of making art
      the way so and so made art and wanted to make art her way -and she did!
      "Fill the page in a beautiful way"....You just might get a lot of different
      interpretations to what beautiful is. I would even stop the video and tell
      my students - "Don't let me do this to you...." when Georgia came on about
      her art class instruction. I learned a lot on how not to teach art by
      listening to Georgia O'Keeffe and Faith Ringgold. I learned from "the
      masters" too. (Patty if you are reading... I can't wait to see how your
      students fill the page in a beautiful way!). I tried to bring in all four
      views of Aesthetics -- If one of those didn't work, I guess we had to make
      up a new one (fortunately, one always did work).

      I have enjoyed the Getty Recipe for Art thread - and have saved it. I do
      want to see what Marcia comes up with. I had different recipes for different

      Now a real quote:

      The beautiful is in nature, and it is encountered under the most diverse
      forms of reality. Once it is found, it belongs to art, or rather to the
      artist who discovers it. (Gustave Courbet)

      And a laugh out loud quote:

      I thought to discourage aesthetics. I threw the bottlerack and the urinal in
      their faces and now they admire them for their aesthetic beauty. (Marcel

      Lots more out there for the picking:

      Since no one objects to the Knott Just Another Quote feature, I'll keep
      doing it when something pops ups - any time of day. The quote just doesn't
      pop into my head first thing in the morning though. That is the job of an
      administrator (smile). Ken Rohrer if you are reading - Do you give your
      staff motivational quotes every morning?

      Here is my "15 Seconds of Fame" - for all who get Robert's twice weekly
      http://www.painterskeys.com/clickbacks/today.asp (scroll down... I don't
      remember telling Robert I had art on the web - he found that self portrait).
      More on Robert's letters to come.

      Judy Decker - Ohio
      Incredible Art Department

      P.S. I'm a former "Realist" who really doesn't do Realism very well...Joseph
      Augusta even told me so (smile)....I don't know if you are still with us
      Joseph (Getty list). We will have to find another view of Aesthetics for my
      art. Joseph and I already talked about this (I do have Ps and E's - and I do
      have a purpose - and there is a function - and it does express me and my
      family - but my way is not new...so....). My favorite collage I did has the
      African's view of Aesthetics.... My Celestial Family has Gods' view of
      Aesthetics (I know I messed around with that too --on purpose) and the
      Native American's view...and some of my art?...well that is just Kitsch
      (drats - spelling?) and kind of crafty... David Boals -- this is for you if
      you are reading...I don't know if I will ever find my "Own Flair" I have too
      much fun borrowing from others. I do have a funny story to share soon....for
      Linda Erling-Baker.
      My Art http://www.princetonol.com/groups/iad/lessons/middle/my-art.htm My
      art is online to show that someone can be an art teacher and make a little
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