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  • Kristi Gilleland
    Larry - that s some wonderful sentiments - and I totally agree with everything you ve said. You sound like a wonderful teacher. :) -Kristi _____ From:
    Message 1 of 10 , Dec 3, 2006
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      Larry - that's some wonderful sentiments - and I totally agree with everything you've said.
      You sound like a wonderful teacher.  :)

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      sometimes it can certainly be discouraging. ..
      Teaching K-12 you see ages of kids and classes where one group working hard
      will seem in a couple years to apparently care less. Talking to the
      classroom/homeroom teacher sometimes helps you beat up on yourself a bit
      less. Sometimes developing interests in boy/girl things are going
      on...sports, the playground, at home.

      I think life offers many distractions and confusing messages, and we compete
      with McWorld to place emphasis that something can matter so much as to
      mandate our attention.

      I push...I mentor by example as an artist...but I am also human, and have
      been discouraged of late for other reasons.

      I saw from CBS news this past week that statistically right now 1 out of 32
      adults in America is in prison, on parole, or probation. Then we ended the
      week with an inservice on "Carefrontation" ...one more strategy on getting a
      handle on classroom management. We see things that are falling apart in
      society, but are as teachers expected to fix in the classroom.

      Its about caring, and getting kids to care...but I see two problems...both
      can be put forth by acronyms...

      one is...
      "kids don't care what you know until they know you care"

      and two...
      "the heart of the problem, is the problem of the heart"

      I see that the growing "Golden Rule" today for many teens is- "its not
      wrong if you don't get caught"

      Society seems to reward this idea. Parents are role modeling it...and
      somewhere in there we are attempting to put emphasis that bringing a right
      attitude (or the one we want) is important when its art making time. The
      rest of the world is going many different directions, "H__ in a hand basket"
      as they say...but in my room...HERE is what matters!!!

      It is frustrating isn't it!

      Kids that ask if they can do the simplest easiest thing to do...("will this
      be easy?") and my response which throws them off guard is...."yeah. ..you're
      right, too easy! I wouldn't do it either!" or...in wanting to be done with
      a work..."Is this good enough?" and I respond, "sure...no problem. Here is
      your grade." to their..."Whhhaaaaaa t? ...you're giving me a D grade?"
      ....and I then end with, "sure, isn't a D...(pause for emphasis) GOOD

      Hang in there...model excellence. Find joy in those students that are
      demonstrating growth, positive change. Keep at it!


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