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Re: [art_education] absent students

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  • bauers@harrisburg.k12.mo.us
    ... Susan
    Message 1 of 9 , Nov 29, 2006
      > where in missouri do you teach....
      > and what district...
      > I teach in Harrisburg schools in Harrisburg, MO

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      > Subject: Re: [art_education] absent students
      > > I am a first year teacher, and need some suggestions. I have been
      > having
      > > some students in my lower-el classes that are absent lately. What do
      > you
      > > do
      > > when they are absent? Do you require them to finish a project when
      > they
      > > are
      > > behind? It's really hard for me to make time for them to finish when
      > they
      > > are one class (or more) behind. Especially when lower-el projects are
      > > typically finished in 3 class periods or less.
      > >
      > Hi,
      > I teach K-12 art in a district. When I came there none of the elementary
      > students were ever expected to finish a project. When I got them in 7th
      > grade they had learned you never have to finish anything. As a result I
      > would have half the 7th graders failing at mid-term because all of a
      > sudden they had to finish everything. Now I require all students to
      > finish a project, regardless of age (they are expected to in all their
      > core classes). If they don't their grade reflects that. They come in
      > before school, after school or at recess to finish (or take it home if
      > that's possible). As a result, I rarely now have defiencies with 7th
      > graders because the expectation is you finish a project to get the
      > grade.
      > Susan in Missouri
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