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SELF/SOUL Student Exhibition (collaboration USA and China)

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  • Judy Decker
    Dear Art Educators, Many of you have enjoyed the work of Tom Chambers students. He has another exhibit posted on line....... (Tom is teaching in China). From
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2006
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      Dear Art Educators,

      Many of you have enjoyed the work of Tom Chambers' students.
      He has another exhibit posted on line....... (Tom is teaching in China).

      From Tom Chambers:

      SELF/SOUL exhibition:

      currently online at:


      and will be held ... print version ... at the Rouge
      Noir Gallery, the downtown student gallery of Allen R.
      Hite Institute, University of Louisville, Louisville,
      Kentucky, December 1 - 31, 2006. The opening
      reception will be held Friday, December 1, 6-9 pm:


      This project is a collaboration between Freshman
      [Grade 1] students in China and America under the
      instruction of Tom R. Chambers at Zhaoqing University
      (Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province, China) and Chan Ying
      Kit at Allen R. Hite Art Institute, University of
      Louisville (Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A.).

      The self-portrait gives the artist the greatest
      freedom from external constraints. Because the artist
      is his or her own cheapest and most available model,
      the self-portrait is the finest opportunity to make
      the most flattering statement or the most penetrating
      revelation of character of which he or she is capable.
      The artist tries not only to express his inner drive
      through aesthetic presentation, but also to examine
      that drive through portrayal of the most intimate
      subject, the self [The Columbia Electronic
      Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Copyright 2005, Columbia
      University Press].

      The soul, according to many religious and
      philosophical traditions, is a self-aware ethereal
      substance particular to a unique living being. In
      these traditions the soul is thought to incorporate
      the inner essence of each living being, and to be the
      true basis for sentience. In distinction to spirit
      which may or may not be eternal, souls are usually
      (but not always as explained below) considered to be
      immortal and to pre-exist their incarnation in flesh.
      The concept of the soul has strong links with notions
      of an afterlife, but opinions may vary wildly, even
      within a given religion, as to what may happen to the
      soul after the death of the body. Many within these
      religions and philosophies see the soul as immaterial,
      while others consider it to possibly have a material
      component, and some have even tried to establish the
      mass (weight) of the soul [Wikipedia].

      Tom R. Chambers
      Visiting Lecturer, Digital/New Media Art
      Fine Arts Department
      Zhaoqing University
      Guangdong Province

      Chan Ying Kit
      Professor, Foundations, Drawing, Web Design
      Department of Fine Arts
      Allen. R. Hite Institute of the University of
      Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A.
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