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RE: [art_education] Elementary Art Computer Graphics Question

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  • familyerickson
    Hi Jan, This sounds interesting. When you say
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 1, 2006
      Hi Jan,
      This sounds interesting.  When you say  <<<That photo is then modified in Photoshop elements, printed out and used as the basis for a watercolor painting.>>>  
      Do you mean they look at the Photoshop picture and paint it in watercolor? or they actually paint on top of the photoshop picture? 


    • Kristi Gilleland
      I m a homeschool parent (I always like to offer that is my perspective for your consideration) and we have done Photoshop since my son was 7 or so - also I ve
      Message 2 of 4 , Nov 1, 2006
        I'm a homeschool parent (I always like to offer that is my perspective for your consideration) and we have done Photoshop since my son was 7 or so - also I've taught my nephew, who was 9 at the time he started.  He did use paint for a short while, but it was frustrating to him because the file size of bmps were so big he couldn't email them to his dad.
        That was the first concept that I really taught - it was a computer science concept, but it is so very important to digital art- it seems a point where science and art merge.
         IE File types as they relate to size, quality, basics of how compression is handled.  What each type is used for.  Yes, they got it just fine!
        Kids are quite capable of learning Photoshop.  Just teach them Control+z undo and how to use the history panel and layers and they are HOOKED.
        I really concentrate on teaching them the tools, then letting them play with them for a while.  They discover new things on their own.
        I have found that Photoshop is very good for teaching math concepts.  In the 4th-5th grade, one of the concepts they should become familiar with is scale.  Wow-can Photoshop teach about scale!  You can - if it is something that you want to do - also go into the concepts of symmetry.  Ratio and Proportion is evident in action if you teach them how the custom colors work - with 0-255 being the RANGE for each color, and the proportion of R,G and B making the color determination when using light.  They SEE the color wheel in action.  When they pick a brush size - THEY SEE decimals in action.
        I find the boys really respond well to learning keyboard shortcuts.  I think they equate it to cheat codes in video games.  :)
        I have found our math lessons to be much easier with the kids having the background in Photoshop.
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