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Good article = nude art/ fired teacher

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  • Kristi Gilleland
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 3, 2006
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       Sometimes these urls don't work because they are too long - if they don't seem to work, check the email and see if there is more that needs to be cut and pasted into the browser.

      Sometimes I use www.tinyurl.com to make such long url's short.

      That is what happened with the movie - if you clicked on it, only part of the address went into the browser window.  
      Be careful with that and most urls will really work.
      I just thought I'd mention that in case people don't know - it is sorta a glitch in the software's ability to get the web address that is long from one window (an email) to another (the browser.)
      Anyway, this is a very informative article that I thought you guys might like.
      I am just a homeschool teacher, but if I wanted to take my son to a SEX museum & he wanted to go - I would and I am glad for that freedom.  All this makes me really appreciate how much you professional teachers have to worry about politically and that has to get in the way of teaching!  I admire all of you for that!  How can anyone work with their hands tied so, or work in fear of such as this?
      It worries me in the last year when I see people putting curtains over beautiful art.  I start thinking our country is really in trouble. Some people should just be sentenced to a world without ANY art. 

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