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  • Anne Rose-Phillips
    Hi Cathy I am just getting ready for my 2nd year teaching middle school art after 15 or so years as a graphic designer. This is not the best art lesson plan,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2006
      Hi Cathy
      I am just getting ready for my 2nd year teaching middle school art
      after 15 or so years as a graphic designer. This is not the "best"
      art lesson plan, but I told myself (a lot) that I would be a better
      teacher "next year".

      As far as suggestions, I would start by basing your lesson on the
      materials you have & trying to work with the same materials each day
      (i.e. everybody paints or collages or prints) at least at first. That
      way you have less prep for each subsequent class.

      Adjust what you expect them to do with the materials for the
      different levels. I would focus first on getting them all to have fun
      making art & thus getting engaged with the process. Once they start
      to have fun with materials & processes, they'll be more willing to
      follow you in other directions.

      This is kind of a modified "choice" approach, and you'd have to get
      comfortable with the amount of structure you need & they need, but I
      found this approach helped me get warmed up & keep my head above
      water. Further along, (for me a new year) I am attempting to add/do

      I would also definitely check out the TAB (choice) list & sites (see
      a couple of days ago)

      Let me know if you want more specifics & don't forget to breathe!
      Anne in Oregon

      > 2. Struggling....
      > Posted by: "threerefusals" threerefusals@... threerefusals
      > Date: Thu Aug 31, 2006 8:38 am (PDT)
      > I am a first year K-12 art teacher. I previously was a graphic
      > designer and illustrator for 17 years. I accepted a part time
      > position with a small remote rural school in northeast Colorado that
      > has a four day school week. The school suffered a fire last year and
      > lost almost all of its art supplies.
      > I am in my second week and find that I feel somewhat lost. I have
      > only 8 HS students and have started on drawing basics with them.
      > There is a wide range of skill and attitudes regarding art. I have
      > three 35 minutes sessions, back to back each day, for elementary
      > (4,5 & 6 in one class, 2 & 3 in another, and K & 1 in the last). I
      > have approx. 16-18 students in each session. I only have 5 minutes
      > in between.
      > I struggle to find lessons for my elementary that can be
      > accomplished in such a short window, be enjoyable, and I can still
      > be ready for my next class.
      > I am using the first two weeks to acquaint myself with my students
      > and their skills, but then I need to dig in and focus on building
      > lesson plans and ordering the appropriate supplies to restock the
      > dept.
      > I guess that I feel so overwhelmed that I am freezing up. Would
      > anyone share suggestions to help me to relax and get into a
      > productive mode?
      > Cathy Martin
      > Woodrow, CO
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