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Using Technology in Art

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  • jenmcaleese@comcast.net
    Hi Everyone - thank you in advance for your guidance. We really need your input! Together with Dr. Slavko Milekic (University of the Arts, Phila.), we will be
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2006
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      Hi Everyone - thank you in advance for your guidance. We really need your

      Together with Dr. Slavko Milekic (University of the Arts, Phila.), we will be
      introducing SmArt Tools in September through November under the company name of FlatWorld Interactives. We are a software development company committed to developing interactive software for the education market. We globally connect kids to art through exciting new technology that is not yet available.

      For the first time in the history of human kind, globalization (flattening) of
      the world has made different art forms and works of art from various cultures
      readily accessible. However, access to this information is currently fairly
      abstract and non-experiential. Creating tools that would allow active
      (experiential) interaction with various art forms will significantly increase
      the beneficial effect of exposure to the arts.

      Our mission is to create tools and environments that would allow experiential
      interaction with various art forms in the digital medium. These tools are based
      on current research findings in cognitive science and the use of art in
      education. We know our interactive software has to be experiential, based on
      emerging technologies and inexpensive to ensure global affordability and

      Our first SmArt Tool kit will include slide choice juxtaposition, annotation,
      transparency, rotation and flipping (horizontal & vertical) for an approximate
      price of $25.

      You may further enhance your basic tool program with advanced SmArt Tools such as the talking magnifying glass, memory identification, key hole observation, composition, 3D object manipulation, palette analysis and guided exploration. These specialized tools will sell for approximately $15-$18 each. All of the advanced tools will be available for purchase at a discounted price yet to be determined. An additional price break will be given for the purchase of the basic and advanced tools together.

      Lesson plans utilizing the teaching tools will be introduced after our initial
      product launch. For this we will definitely need your art curriculum ideas.

      This is where we really need your advice. Please share your thoughts regarding
      the following questions:

      -Do you teach art using a desk top, lap top, Smart Board (interactive
      whiteboard)or any other touch sensitive surface?
      -If you do not use technology to teach art, will you consider doing so?
      -For teaching purposes, do you have access to a desk top, lap top or Smart Board
      (interactive white board)?
      -Do you have a budget to buy supplies/teaching aids (including software)?
      -Would you spend your own money to buy cool software to help you teach art?
      -Are you comfortable with the product pricing we discussed above?
      -In purchasing the software we plan on offering a rebate. Customers can either
      accept it in the form of a cash rebate or customer contribution to an existing
      global non profit focused on helping children gain access to the arts. Is the
      non profit idea something you would choose?
      -Please share with us your knowledge about connecting to other art educators
      outside of PAEA/NAEA.
      -other than the NAEA in NY in MArch 2007, please offer conference suggestions.

      We truly appreciate your ideas and inputs. We just found out that we missed the NAEA conference proposal submission deadline and are so disappointed. Oh well, we will still attend. Our website will be up and running in early September for you to demo our products. Until then, you can visit Dr. Milekic on his website, www.uarts.edu/faculty/smilekic.

      Please add any other thoughts/comments. Our products are good for students. To enhance the learning experience of students, we need your input to make our products even better. Thank you so much for your time.

      Jennifer McAleese
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