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66Digital Art Competition

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  • Philip Callow
    Dec 1, 2001
      Online Digital Art Competition for all UK Schools
      Dear Colleagues,
      We would like to introduce you to www.treacletart.net an online art competition for schools worldwide (not just UK ), now starting its second competition. The archived competition # 1 can be accessed at our web address and the redesigned site is ready to accept new entries.
      The site has been created by an art teacher and sixth form students from Christ the King School, Southport, UK in order to provide an online resource for digital art in schools- an area that is rapidly expanding in interest.
      The competition involves students downloading a "starter image" and then manipulating it with any type of paint software they have. Their entries are then returned to us for exhibition in our gallery and we will then choose a winner around Christmas 2001. The winning entry receives a digital camera, supplied to us by our present sponsors, www.merseygrid.com .