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59Re: [art_education] Tragedy in NY

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  • DeAnn Hanisch
    Oct 2, 2001
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      I'm not sure if this is along the lines you are
      thinking, but have you looked at the quilt Faith
      Ringgold created for the Oklahoma City Bombing? Her
      work is so powerful! You may get some inspiration!
      --- Sue Freeland <sudz@...> wrote:
      > Need your help!!cause you guys are the best! Can we
      > put our heads together
      > and come up with one or more projects created by our
      > art classes that would
      > make a difference and inspire people in our own
      > towns?
      > I love the idea of an international protest and my
      > students are currently
      > making posters for the Lion's Club Peace poster
      > contest (incredible timing!)
      > Theme this year "Lighting the pathway to peace."
      > What I would like to do is some kind of permanent
      > sculpture or mural or
      > whatever so that people will not forget those who
      > died but also to
      > strengthen the ties that have brought us together
      > even if it is in grief.
      > Strangers no longer walk by without acknowledgement.
      > They look you in the
      > eye and the sentiment is there, a nod, a smile a
      > sort of recognition of
      > another soul going through the same pain.
      > Sorry...it's getting late. But really, does anyone
      > have a suggestion for
      > some kind of memorial like this...something that
      > would be around a while?
      > Thanks,
      > Sue

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