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4061Re: Art I - need help with drawing ideas

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  • Ken Rohrer
    Oct 1, 2004

      I too used Betty Edward's "Drawing on the Right Side
      of the Brain" and "Drawing on the Artist Within." You
      can read all about it on her website:


      You will be able to sign up for a mailing list, view
      portfolios and read other information. When I taught
      her methods, students who were poor drawers suddenly
      became great drawers. I also used it when I taught an
      adult night drawing course. It worked wonders.
      Basically the concept is to force someone to tap the
      creative side of the brain. One of the ways this is
      done is to draw upside down.

      I highly recommend her books. It will be money well


      --- art_education@yahoogroups.com wrote:

      Date: Fri, 01 Oct 2004 00:06:59 -0000
      From: "mgalyk" <mgalyk@...>
      Subject: Art I - need help with drawing ideas

      Hi, all,
      I desperately need your help. After 4 weeks of putting
      it off, and
      trying to let the kids get to know me, I finally
      started basic
      drawing with my Art I students today. (This is my
      first year at the
      HS level, although many of the students know me as my
      kids attended
      here, and I taught in the elementary for 5 years.) Up
      to this point,
      we had done a graffiti project which was a hit, a lot
      of stuff with
      line styles, etc., and most have completed an original
      drawing using
      those line styles that we practiced. I began with
      contour line
      drawing of their hand. They did a pre-instruction
      drawing (through
      moaning and groaning) and then I demonstrated blind
      contour. More
      moaning and groaning -- not to mention peeking...as
      they tried (and
      I use the word "tried" loosely) that! I explained that
      I didn't
      expect that one to be a good drawing....just trying to
      get them to
      spend more time LOOKING. Then we began to draw while
      looking. I
      don't know HOW to get them to TRY harder and stop
      there constant cry
      of "I can't draw". Many just give up and get pouty.
      Probably 2/3 are
      in the class just for the art credit they need to
      because they really want to take art, although I have
      a few truly
      interested students scattered about. What do I do
      next? Where do I
      go from here experienced high school art teachers????
      HELP!!! I
      don't think that they expected to actually have to
      DRAW in art. I
      don't expect miracles, but I do expect EFFORT. (And I
      accordingly.) I need a plan. Is my approach wrong?

      Ridgemont HS, OH

      P.S. - The other thing that happened that baffled me
      was the kid who
      drew REALLY well on his pre-instruction drawing and
      then even better
      after a little instruction I asked him if he drew much
      outside of
      class and he said "No, I HATE to draw." That one
      REALLY baffles
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