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4054Re: [art_education] Art I - need help with drawing ideas

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  • Michele O'Brien
    Oct 1, 2004
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      on 9/30/04 7:06 PM, mgalyk at mgalyk@... wrote:

      > Hi, all,
      > I desperately need your help. After 4 weeks of putting it off, and
      > trying to let the kids get to know me, I finally started basic
      > drawing with my Art I students today. (This is my first year at the
      > HS level, although many of the students know me as my kids attended
      > here, and I taught in the elementary for 5 years.) Up to this point,
      > we had done a graffiti project which was a hit, a lot of stuff with
      > line styles, etc., and most have completed an original drawing using
      > those line styles that we practiced. I began with contour line
      > drawing of their hand. They did a pre-instruction drawing (through
      > moaning and groaning) and then I demonstrated blind contour. More
      > moaning and groaning -- not to mention peeking...as they tried (and
      > I use the word "tried" loosely) that! I explained that I didn't
      > expect that one to be a good drawing....just trying to get them to
      > spend more time LOOKING. Then we began to draw while looking. I
      > don't know HOW to get them to TRY harder and stop there constant cry
      > of "I can't draw". Many just give up and get pouty. Probably 2/3 are
      > in the class just for the art credit they need to graduate....not
      > because they really want to take art, although I have a few truly
      > interested students scattered about. What do I do next? Where do I
      > go from here experienced high school art teachers???? HELP!!! I
      > don't think that they expected to actually have to DRAW in art. I
      > don't expect miracles, but I do expect EFFORT. (And I grade
      > accordingly.) I need a plan. Is my approach wrong?
      > Thanks,
      > Marianne
      > Ridgemont HS, OH
      > P.S. - The other thing that happened that baffled me was the kid who
      > drew REALLY well on his pre-instruction drawing and then even better
      > after a little instruction I asked him if he drew much outside of
      > class and he said "No, I HATE to draw." That one REALLY baffles
      > me!?!?!
      I have several drawing ideas that I can send pictures of if you'd like. I
      like to start them out with line (I try to do an exercise/project addressing
      the elements of art and principles of design) I have a PowerPoint I show
      them of optical illusions I have collected over a few years. Then we discuss
      how the eye is fooled and also a bit about mc escher and his "illusions" You
      could certainly add other artists who have created illusions. Then show
      them past examples of the design illusion they are going to do which appears
      to have curves but is really all straight lines. Then I show them how to do
      the basic unit of the design using a square. It is the same concept as
      cocktail napkins where each square or rectangle or triangle is slightly
      turned inside the other creating a look of curved lines. Then when it comes
      time for the project they use a larger piece of paper broken up in a
      symmetrical or asymmetrical pattern and use a pen (I like fine point ball
      pens) they don't leak or leave dots of bleeding ink in the fibers of the
      paper. The students have to really pay attention to detail and take their
      time so they don't smear and smudge the ink all over the paper. I won't let
      them do it in pencil first because it ends up a mess when you try to erase

      I also like to have them do a grid transfer drawing, I actually made
      transparent 8 x10 grid sheets with the overhead transparency copier that
      they can lay right over a page from a magazine and eliminate the step of
      drawing the grid on the magazine.
      et me know if you would like more explanation or pictures. I will be happy
      to send them.

      Michele O'Brien
      Davenport North High School
      626 W. 53rd Street
      Davenport, Iowa 52806
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