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3045Post your Character Education Lesson Ideas

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  • Judy Decker
    Jul 1, 2004
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      Greetings Art Educators,

      A Getty list members has just posted one of my "passion" topics.

      > What are some art history lessons you have taught that focus on
      > effectively integrating the character education traits such as caring,
      > courtesy, tolerance, truthfulness, kindness, respect, work ethic, etc.?

      Please keep adding on to the this thread all summer long - when anything
      "pops" into your head.

      This is what has been posted so far:

      From Me:

      I highly recommend you check into Art Image Publication's Character
      Education Print sets.
      Order the prints - look at the sets and lessons and if you can not use them-
      just make arrangements to return them
      I have tired to get some sample lessons for IAD - but no luck.

      I brought character education into all lessons.... but it would take too
      long to write out all I did . I don't even have it written on my plans that
      are on the site.. I just did it daily with things I said -- and with the
      artists I chose.

      Lessons on Heroes are a good place to start.

      Art Image Publications are easy to find online - they have a sample
      character ed lesson on their site that looks very good.
      From Jan Hillmer:

      Last year I had the kids make a book - we were doing a virtue each month.
      This was an ongoing project - we took about 1/2 hr a month. The book pages
      looked like a pizza with one piece taken away. Each month the students
      added the current virtue to one of the pie pieces. They chose their own
      format - how and where the virtue was written, also the type of
      illustration. As the students began each time, we'd discuss what that
      virtue looks like - how folks show that virtue, ideas on how to illustrate.
      Near the end of the year, we had to add a few virtues on the back. We made
      covers from cardboard pieces (recycled from cereal and cracker boxes)
      covered with construction paper. I can send more info in the fall - my
      pattern and pics are up at school. Unfortunately, the older kids - 4th and
      5th grade thought this was kind of easy.

      From Me:

      Make Every Lesson About Character Education - Every Artists -Every culture

      For cultures - think about Proverbs and folks tales.
      They are all about character building. Teach about
      cultures you admire. Teach about artist you admire.
      You don't have to teach every artist who ever lived -
      so be selective.

      Here is my Character Ed - Heroes page:
      There are four lesson plans online using this work.

      Heroes Triptychs

      Heroes Shadow Box

      Heroes Portraits

      Heroes Figurative Sculpture

      You can turn all of your self portrait lessons into
      character ed lessons.... You can turn all of your name
      design lessons in character ed lessons. ...All "about
      me" lessons can be character ed.

      Be sure to cut this email from your reply. I just wanted you to see what has
      been said. Only share if I can also use your ideas on IAD. I will start the
      page this summer.

      Judy Decker - Ohio
      Incredible Art Department
      Incredible Art Resources
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