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303Re: [art_education] Info for a prospective art teacher????

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  • DeAnn Hanisch
    Mar 5, 2003
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      I am a second year high school art teacher, and
      thought you could use some information from a
      "newby's" point of view. Being an art educator is a
      rewarding, though challenging job. You must be willing
      to be a life-long learner and to be flexible with what
      comes your way in and out of the classroom.

      The best advice I can give you is to take every
      opportunity you can find to work with children in an
      environment related to teaching. PRACTICE, PRACTICE,
      PRACTICE (as my old pitching coach used to say). For
      example, during my undergrad career, I volunteered and
      later worked as a teacher in our local art museum's
      education department. I also spent a summer on the
      east coast as a pottery director for a camp of approx
      500 girls. These opportunities gave me experience in
      developing curriculum with creative lesson plans while
      at the same time developing classroom management
      skills that were realistic. (Beyond creativity and
      skill, CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT AND ROUTINE are a must!)
      After my experience at camp, I definitely knew art
      education was where I NEEDED to be. Furthermore, I
      began my first year of teaching confident and more

      Also, do your research, as Ken suggested. What are
      your short and long-term goals? Find a pre-service
      program AND environment that will be conducive to
      reaching your goals. My co-worker, Jay, joined TAPP
      last year at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, where I
      was also working on my Masters degree in CADRE II:
      Learning In & Through the Arts. Jay was a computer
      graphics artist and wanted to leave the profession in
      order to teach. TAPP allowed him to earn his teaching
      certificate plus 18 hours towards his masters degree
      in one year. He's an excellent art teacher. ( He has
      also coached girls swimming for several years--again,
      practice working with students!) I was able to earn my
      Masters degree in one year during my first year of
      teaching as a result of CADRE II. One thing that has
      helped both of us is that these two programs, TAPP and
      CADRE II, provided cohort groups which served as a
      "mental" support system and a resource for creative
      problem solving and idea generation. Both these
      programs are intense, yet both were what we required
      in order to reach our short and long-term goals.

      I am intrigued with the idea of an art teacher
      possessing a creative writing background. You may be
      able to get a dual position within both an art and an
      English department. Furthermore, there are many school
      districts like OPS that are interested in art teachers
      who are able to integrate reading, writing, math, and
      science into the art curriculum. You'd have at least
      one mark in your favor!

      Hopefully my words make are somewhat coherant (I've
      been correcting many, many art critiques this evening,
      and my brain is all a fuzz) Good luck!


      --- Ian Rogers <ianrogers1@...> wrote:
      > Hi all.
      > I belong to the list and have been hanging out,
      > learning all i can from your
      > posts and trying to really decide if i want to go
      > into art teaching.
      > As of now i only have a B.A. (in, of course, visual
      > arts, and also creative
      > writing). I'm burnt out from the corporate america
      > scene and teaching seems
      > a rewarding alternative.
      > I'm looking into getting my MFA in illustration and
      > i know i want to
      > immediately get into a teaching position once i get
      > out of school. I've
      > been tossing around the idea of an MAT program, but
      > it seems a waste of time
      > if i don't mind teaching in a private school. Does
      > anyone have any advice?
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