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297Re: [art_education] Info for a prospective art teacher????

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  • kerry marquis
    Mar 3, 2003
      Hi Ian,
      Georgia (Atlanta area) is definitely still hiring art teachers. In fact, it is projected that there will be a shortage of all teachers in GA in 5 years. We just can't train 'em fast enough.

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      It depends totally where you're located. If you are the USA each state has different requirements for you to receive your teaching credentials. I would check with your Department of Education to find out the details. Then you look at a school that offers the program. This year is a bad year to get a job in art education. Many states are laying off teachers (except for Nevada, I believe).

      The best way to decide if you want to go into teaching is to substitute teach in a school district near you. That should tell you a thing or two.

      On Sat, 01 Mar 2003 00:00:03
      Ian Rogers wrote:
      >Hi all.
      >I belong to the list and have been hanging out, learning all i can from your
      >posts and trying to really decide if i want to go into art teaching.
      >As of now i only have a B.A. (in, of course, visual arts, and also creative
      >writing). I'm burnt out from the corporate america scene and teaching seems
      >a rewarding alternative.
      >I'm looking into getting my MFA in illustration and i know i want to
      >immediately get into a teaching position once i get out of school. I've
      >been tossing around the idea of an MAT program, but it seems a waste of time
      >if i don't mind teaching in a private school. Does anyone have any advice?
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