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288Re: Teaching Art using technology

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  • Kerry Marquis <kmartist@excite.com>
    Feb 28, 2003
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      Thanks so much, Sue. The reason I started putting my work online was
      because when I started teaching at the school where I am now, I was
      hired a day or two after pre-planning started. I had a dirty, messy,
      unorganized room and no materials. I had to start teaching 2 classes
      that I had never taught before (as well as 2 that I was somewhat
      familiar with) in 6 days. Yikes! I did not want that to happen to
      other art teachers. I also started this because I found that students
      were very motivated by using technology with art and I really saw a
      need to light a fire for learning under some of them. Let me know if
      you see things that need work on the sites. I know they are very
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