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25744Re: Composition lesson ideas?

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  • George Supreeth
    Jun 18, 2014
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      Hello Lianne,

      I have found it helpful to teach my students about the 'sense' of
      composition, before attempting to explain composition in pictures.

      I point out how we retell our memories (what did you do yesterday?) as
      condensed stories composed with the choicest bits to form interesting
      narratives for our friends. Same goes for making choices of tempo and
      movement in dance, music or even simple things like a recipe for a meal.

      Once they get that composition isn't simply arrangement, I play a game
      called 'Bob in the window.'

      Basically bob is a black dot and lives on the moon. We only get to see
      him through a window which is a frame. (Box with a dot.) On some days,
      Bob is energetic and playful and presses himself up to the window.
      (Large black spot, sometimes fills the frame, sometimes partly out of
      it.) Sometimes he is lonely and sad (Distant dot, sometimes off-centre)

      This helps them connect emotional cues with visual placement. I get them
      to create at least 10 - 15 frames and narrate what Bob is feeling.

      After this, they at least make choices when composing, even if they are
      not classical compositions - they at least get 'why composition'.

      Hope this was useful. I do tend to blab.

      Warm regards,
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