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25741Composition lesson ideas?

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  • lilirupes
    Jun 17, 2014
      I teach high school.  This past year I realized that my students have little if any sense of pictorial composition, despite their many other skills.

      If anyone out there has any ideas how I can convince them to COMPOSE a picture before committing to a final canvas, I would love to hear it.  Sketches cannot convey . . . , unless they do a color comp, and they are too impetuous for that step.

      I have gone so far as to insist on sketch approval, but to no avail, when they then resketch it off center, (for instance), onto the canvas, and then paint half of it before I see it!  Or I will say, "of course you will enlarge that onto the canvas", and then NO!  it's a tiny image floating slightly out there on that huge canvas somewhere, at which point, they hate me for making them ERASE a masterpiece. (!)

      To use an Literacy Design Collaborative analogy, I have failed to scaffold their learning!


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