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  • bergiemoore
    Jun 11, 2014
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      My daughter had a discussion board for her online math class. It was set up so that everyone had to post by Wednesday on that week's theme or question, and then reply by Saturday. 
           To keep this assignment at or around 20-30 minutes, perhaps you could make it a every other week switch- they post their original comments by the first and third Wednesday of the month, and they have to make a reply- by linking the post they are reflecting on to their blog- on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month.  That has them posting just once a week and being able to allow you to easily keep track of replies on people blogs- because they will be posting it to their site- so movement on the site by each Wednesday probably means they did their job which makes it a little easier on you during very busy times in the year. 

       I would create a rubric that broke down the posting & especially the reply guidelines very specifically into what you want, or it seems to me, "I like it because it's so pretty" might be a routine response from beginning artists.  When I had my yearbook students blogging for their digital camera portion of the class, they had to comment on the assignment's purpose, as if they were using the piece to teach someone; someone who only followed their blog and let that reader know what we were doing and why this piece was exceptional or missed the mark.  It helped make the assignment a little longer and gave the students an easy target to hit.   I asked for composition analysis and 1/3 rule evaluation (once that topic was taught), emotional effect of the piece (what it made the blogger feel when they looked at it. 2 sentences on "feels" were worth full points in that area.)  and purpose of the assignment- cropping, overlapping, whatever the skill was were were working on.  I thought once about having the students grade each other's blog based on my rubric, but we never found time in  class.  Maybe that could be a homework assignment once or twice in the year? 
      I agree with Ken, you should follow a minimum of 3 blogs.   
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