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  • kenroar
    Jun 6, 2014
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      You didn't say what platform your blogs are on but if you are doing them on regular web pages that students design, you can create a comments section at the bottom of each page using Intense Debate. A college student who has appeared as a tech specialist in Canada recommended that to me and it has been pretty successful. Some page have many, many comments and some interaction.

      You can get Intense Debate here: http://intensedebate.com

      You can see a sample of comments and discussions on IAD at Symbolism of Color: Using Color for Meaning

      I have been told by professional bloggers that if you want your blogs to show up in a Google search, you should post at least one new entry a week. It sounds like you already have your students doing this. If you are requiring that they comment to get credit, they will need to follow more than three because there is a good chance that there isn't much to comment on. The blog post of the blog they're following may be uninteresting. Just an idea... perhaps if you allow them to follow as many blogs as they wish and then keep track of blogs they post comments on, they would have no problem finding something to say.



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      Hi there,

      I'm in need of some advice.  I've had my HS ceramics students blogging this past year.  They write once per week as a reflection of what they have accomplished and what they hope to accomplish in the future.  For the most part, the reflection part of the blog idea has been very successful as a sort of online journal process.


      I'd like the blogs to be a bit more interactive and communicative for the students though...  like maybe I'm not the only one reading them all year long!! ;)  Does anyone have suggestions for a good way to do this?  Should I have them choose 3 blogs to follow all year long?  Make a blogfeed of everyone's blogs and then read when they have a chance?  Require them to comment on x number of blogs per week/month?  How would I even begin to check for that? I have roughly 50 students and I don't want to overwhelm them with blog reading requirements... more like something that takes 20-30 minutes per week at home.

      My students use weebly (here's an example: http://amyleeceramics.weebly.com/ceramics-blog )which I like because it's fairly intuitive, they can post from their smartphones, it's free, and it allows them to combine the blog with their class portfolio.  I'm open to other suggestions though.

      What do you think?  Do you blog in your classroom?  Any ideas for me?


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