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  • donchev.martin
    Mar 12, 2014
      Hey there,

      My name is Martin and im from Bulgaria. From a short time now im working for one of the most famous artists in europe, his name is Pavel Mitkov. We are just in the beggining of a new project that is called art tourism. That project includes traveling to a selected location and staying in 5 star hotels, it also includes traveling to exotic places. The lenght of the course will be around a week or so. For this week it will be possible to learn art from lessons given personally by Pavel Mitkov. The cost for the course is 1100 euro which includes 5 lessons of painting 2 and a half hours every day. The minimum count of people for a group is 7 and the maximum is 15. For this time the participants will be able to learn how to draw 5 paintings, 1 per day. The cost includes materials used to paint, a catalog for further education with techniques and skills in art, and of course the education itself.  We havent decided when the courses will start, we are trying to see if there is going to be any interest in that kind of a project. I will be more than happy to explain to you what it's all about and answer if you have any other questions. Meanwhile you can check his website http://www.mitkov.com/ too see what his art is all about, and also to learn something about him.
      Thank you for your time and i hope we will hear from you soon. Regards.