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  • Katrina Barge
    Nov 10, 2013
      Hi Friend

      I also teach 8th grade and have them twice a week for an hour.  Last year I had alot of trouble with classroom management because the kids just weren't interested in what we were doing.  This year I decided to focus on careers.  I set up a google form and had them rank art related jobs that they were interested and then planned my lessons on that.  We just did a lesson on advertising, the students had to work in pairs to create an advertising campaign for any product appropriate for school.  They either created a storyboard of a commercial or a print add campaign.  Then I brought in a creative director from a local ad agency and the principal and vice principal and they 3 minutes or less to pitch their idea.  The students love it.  It made them think outside of the box.  They had to come up with a demographic to focus on, a catch phrase to use in their add, and something creative to make people buy their product.  It was alot of fun, now we are currently working on sculpture and are going to a pottery studio in a few weeks.  I have found that having the students pick what they want to do in Jr. High is the best way to keep them interested.  It's hard because you don't know what you are planning until they take the survey, but after they are interested because they picked what they want to do.  You could also list all your projects and have them vote that way.  I also then am working to bring in guest speakers to talk about their jobs in the arts.  Some of them include Martial Arts, Culinary Arts, and other forms that you may have not thought of including.  

      I hope this helps, it's alot of work, but the kids really enjoy it. 
      On Nov 9, 2013, at 10:28 PM, <inmystudio@...> <inmystudio@...> wrote:

      I have a rotating art class that lasts 9 weeks, which all students must take. This semester the classes are all boys. The most challenging class is the 8th grade boys, over 25 in each class. They are talkative and loud, and all but a few are not interested in art. Most put very liittle effort into their artwork. It makes for a very disruptive environment. Has anyone had such a situation? Any suggestions on how to get a bunch of 8th grade boys interested in art?

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