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235Re: I'm looking for young talent!

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  • naturepainterdotnet
    Nov 4, 2002
      Hi john!

      that sounds very cool...by the way, apparently lots of people use my
      company's product to teach their kids art...it's called NaturePainter
      Digital Canvas (http://www.naturepainter.net)

      it's really easy to use and provides a very natural painting

      maybe you can check it out also to help spread the word about art!

      happy painting!


      some user quotes:

      I am really excited about using my NaturePainter program. I am new
      to computer art -- I guess I'm new to painting, too. I've always
      wanted to paint, but "never could find the time." Now, I am finding
      the time. Learning thing likes color theory and composition, etc, is
      a new experience for me. The wonderful thing about NaturePainter is
      I can try ideas and if they don't work, I have not used up costly
      supplies. I can also erase the errors and no one will know the
      difference!! I am very excited that I found this program - which was
      by accident.

      Randy Warley

      Hi All Mary Here. I bought naturepainter and find it so usefull to
      experiment on my already existing work. I currently have a large
      painting on my easel 5'x6'.I tossed and turned with my next step and
      then I photographed it and import into NP. It has been helpful in
      color changes,blending,and it gives me a new perspective on my
      piece. I find it very easy to use too.

      Mary Dolan

      just like to say hello and would like all to know
      that i think nature painter is pretty cool way of either getting into
      painting or just restoring one's love of it after leaving it for
      quite some
      time which applies to me.

      Anthony Palmere

      hi, i think the program is brilliant, and i find it useful to me
      since i oil paint quite a lot. i have done alright with all of the
      mountain and tree, cloud and sky images...water isnt too bad either.
      however, i want to do animals as well, so if you got any tips or
      images..im all ears!

      Shona G

      I've just purchased naturepainter and am still learning the ins and
      outs. I love the way you can get shades of your color on the palette!


      --- In art_education@y..., "John Baselmans" <graphic@j...> wrote:
      > Hello group members
      > If your kids, kids from school, neighborhood or art club make
      beautiful drawings.
      > Please let me know!
      > I want to place their work on my site at "Kids Corner"
      > Also there is an award for the best drawing of the month!
      > Let them know these possibilities and let them write to me at:
      > graphic@j...
      > "Kids are the future of our civilization"
      > My latest drawing of a two dog's named Speedy and Spoyler is in
      > Please visit.
      > http://www.johnbaselmans.com/ Notes/Notes1/Note1.htm
      > I want to welcome my new guest artists for this week:
      > Jeff Wesley
      > Scott Andrew Spencer
      > Our group is still growing and together we make a better world in
      > Comments and new artists are always welcome!
      > Have a nice and creative weekend.
      > John Baselmans
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