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196Re: [art_education] art therapy

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  • Ken Rohrer
    Jun 2, 2002
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      This is one of the problems with contracts and pay
      scales. The more years, the more pay. The only way for
      a teacher to move on or get more pay is to get into
      administration or leave the profession. Districts
      frequently consider new educators to be full of
      energy, more flexible, and willing to learn new
      programs- in addition to being cheaper to hire.

      --- crasm@... wrote:
      > I'm a seasoned art teacher and no suburb schools
      > will hire me because I have
      > too many years of experience. It is unfortunate
      > that the Districts value
      > beginners because they are cheap and inexperienced.
      > The state I live in
      > cries out there is a shortage of teachers but will
      > not look at the
      > discrimination -----money,experience,age.
      > Once a teacher has taught over 3 years, they are
      > locked into a job .
      > Otherwises, they are unmarketable. It is appalling
      > and disgraceful!
      > Sincerely,
      > A disenchanted teacher!

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