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    Jun 2, 2002
      Re: [art_education] art therapy 2/6/02 9:37 PM

      I'm a seasoned art teacher and no suburb schools will hire me because I have too many years of experience.  It is unfortunate that the Districts value beginners because they are cheap and inexperienced.  The state I live in cries out  there is a shortage of teachers but will not look at the discrimination -----money,experience,age.

      Once a teacher has taught over 3 years, they are locked into a job .  Otherwises, they are unmarketable.  It is appalling and disgraceful!


      A disenchanted teacher!

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      Happens in Australia! I have three years as a art teacher in charge of a catholic school art unit for entire school, numerous years teaching in TAFE and Primary with two art degrees and a degree in Education as well as being a professional artist. I teach Primary extension art classes one day a week and get no preparation or marking payment other than the exact hours I teach. I want to go back to more full time now as my little girl is big enough and we are financially strapped and desperately need me to work. I've applied for a job a week and not even got an acknowledgement letter at times! Now I'm not sure what to do!
      cheers julie from Australia
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