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192Re: [art_education] art therapy

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  • Wayong@aol.com
    Jun 2, 2002
      hmmm...that's disgraceful (about crasm not being able to get a job). I see at 'my' district that many of the advertisements for teachers are 'one yr only'. I've been told districts do the 'one yr only' so they can get cheaper labor.

      That's one of the many things I want to address in my new group Colorado Kids in Crisis. I'm hoping- ambitious sort that I am to get kids, parents, teachers, therapists, supervisors, administrators & funders talk about community problems & come up with better resolutions. For example, I wouldn't be suprised that the parents aren't aware of the the teacher situation. The difficulty, I would imagine is to get administrators on this list (closed minded as they usually are). I'm hoping to eventually get different branches in different states if the demand is big enough (in the meantime I'm keeping it to one group). I'm also hoping that it'll eventually lead to face to face community meetings several times a year as well. There are just so many problems with educational, mental health, habilitation & rehabilitative care & community issues that are not being addressed!

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