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  • familyerickson
    Jan 4, 2009
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      I once did a project with Middle School students where they looked at old pattern envelopes and then did a fashion design project.  
      I bought  6 x 9 " (approx) white envelopes at Staples for them to do the finished design on but you could make the envelopes too. 
      They studied the old patterns to see how the models stood, angle of hips, shoulders etc.  Looking at them seemed to help them more than just looking at books and they can get the size and proportion easily if they do it on an envelope of approx. the same size.    Some did retro designs, some did "todays" fashions.    They look cool if they do some lettering to describe it like is on the pattern envelope.   You can also do a lesson on lettering if you want or even let this be a lead-in lesson to a full unit on commercial design. 
      I had a couple of Special needs students who I allowed to trace the models and then make their fashions on top of the tracings which I then helped them put onto the envelope and then they colored them.  The rest of the kids had to draw their models by just looking at the patterns.   
      They make a neat display too with the commercial patterns displayed along with the creative ones from the students. 
      If you do this project then you can still use the actual patterns for another project.  Cool!  Two (or more) projects from one freebie gift!
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      200!!! Wow, any good ones? 

      Where did you get 200 patterns from? 

      On Sat, Jan 3, 2009 at 7:28 PM, smth_mj <smth_mj@yahoo. com> wrote:

      Happy New Year Everybody,

      I just received a box of old clothing patterns. I have no idea what to do with them. Any
      seamstresses out there with some ideas for application in a K-12 classroom? The patterns
      are in their original paper envelopes. I have about two hundred of them.



      MaryJo Rosania

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