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  • Judy Decker
    Jan 7, 2004
      To anyone who gets blocked by my server.... I know
      what to do now. I am SO sorry for the hassle.

      Now the world will know how to reach me when Getty
      updates the archives and will know what to do if they
      can't reach me...oh well... I submitted to Road Runner
      all of the addresses it was blocking. Come to find out
      I also have to send the reason the you get. I know Ken
      Rohrer's reason (I took care of that - someone had
      sent me a HUGE PowerPoint - so don't do that unless I
      ask for it)- so no need to send that. And I know the
      secruty reason that someone else got.

      In the future if Road Runner blocks your email.
      forward it to me at Yahoo judydeckeriad@... with
      the error message included so I can email them with
      the problem. Last week I was emailing them to Unblock
      MY account --now it is YOU who can not reach me.

      Now this is just some silly observation. I have very
      few email addresses in my Yahoo address book. Three of
      them are Yahoo addresses. Two have very sad looking
      faces next to them and Jeannie Sandoval's has a bright
      yellow smiley face. I have no clue how they got there.
      Anyone else on Yahoo know? I want to make sure I have
      a Yellow smiley face if I am in YOUR address book.

      Thanks...and I apologize to ALL who have had to jump
      through hoops to get your mail message to me. I
      usually give up after a couple tries (Bless you!)


      Judith Decker
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