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  • square1marty
    Jul 31, 2008
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      Couldn't help but notice your "fundraising" topic.
      Please remember us when you're researching EASY and profitable choices
      for your school.

      As a former art teacher, I want every child to be a winner so we
      manufacture a free magnet made from their artwork. Art teachers get
      their originals back in the same folders within a week and we NEVER
      need them again.

      Our program may not work in Title 1 situations but our TILE WALL
      project is a great choice for this situation and often there is
      government money to help fund your wall.

      Take a look at the website and if you have questions, give me a call or
      reply. I also don't want you all to think I'm advertising but I just
      can't help sharing my passion about art with you all.

      Marty - that gal who share the "freebies" each year!
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