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  • Katherine
    Dec 31, 2007
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      --- In art_education@yahoogroups.com, "gabriela" <gabrielalealvega@...> wrote:
      > hello, everyone... Seasons Greetings! I am interested (very) in art
      > therapy... do you know any site to study by internet? Or any info i
      > will truly appreciate... I already asked the art therapy group to be
      > accepted with no good answer yet... :(
      > thanks!
      This is not exactly what you seek, but Leslie University in Boston has a good degree for
      Perhaps they have some publications you could find

      A wonderful book about this: Coles, Robert. THEIR EYES MEETING THE WORLD Available
      used for almost nothing on Amazon.com; a must-read in my opinion.

      Actually Amazon has a number of books, three of them under twenty dollars in the Art
      Therapy category.

      I studied with Peter London who is, among other things, an art therapist. His book is
      DRAWING FROM WITHIN and is aimed at adult artists who are stuck...but it is a great read.
      Also inexpensive in paperback. He has a great quote to the effect that all art is only the
      by- product of the transforming Self. (he says it better of course)

      A Google search for "art therapy" brings up a lot of stuff; good hunting!

      kathy douglas
      K-3 massachusetts, retired
      Teaching for Artistic Behavior
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