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  • Jeff Pridie
    Sep 28 3:48 PM
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      I take this is a beginning drawing class? You have to
      consider that some of the students might have some
      drawing background and some do not.

      A drawing course in 11 weeks with each class being
      four hours long you would have to consider the

      What drawing mediums will you intro/review with
      With each drawing medium what
      Laying out a drawing? sketching, drawing, gridding,
      Subjects: Landscapes/People/Animals/Structures
      Styles: Realistic/Impressionistic/Modern
      Observational vs. from photos
      Compositional issues/cropping/final presentation of
      Critiques/Assessment Personal/Class
      Historical content to artist who use drawing mediums
      or use drawing as a means to create other types of art

      This should take up 11 weeks and four hour classes
      really well.

      Jeff (Minnesota)
      --- Joanna Whitney <joannagw@...> wrote:

      > Is there anyone in this group who teaches College?
      > I teach freschmen Color Theory and
      > Drawing at the Art Institute of Colorado - it is
      > really like teaching High School but I am not
      > sure anyone teaches High School Drawing similarly -
      > I have 4-hour class blocks to fill. I have
      > never taught Drawing in an 11 week block with 4-hour
      > classes before - Color Theory this is
      > my 2nd quarter doing that - anyone with suggestions,
      > I welcome.
      > thanks,
      > Joanna

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