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147Re: [art_education] End of the school year blues

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  • Elizabeth none of your business
    May 6 1:27 AM

      I am living and teaching in England at the moment.  The school day runs from about 9-3:15 for primary and secondary schools.  Art however, in primary schools is generally taught by the classroom teacher and is difficult to fit into the timetable due to the national curriculum.  Art in secondary schools is mandatory for years 7-9 but becomes an elective later and is timetabled depending on the school's layout.  The school year finishes at the end of July and begins again in September yet there are a lot of national holidays and longer breaks for things like Christmas and Easter in between.

      On this topic however, I am actually trained in America with a bachelor of science in art education (kindergarten-12th grade) yet am finishing my student teaching in England and living here permanently.  I am finding it difficult to find a job because of my different type of degree and qualification (although it is fully or legally accepted in England).  Does anyone have any advice how to adapt my resume, cover letter, and applications to better suit the job market over here?  Thanks a lot!

      ~Liz M.

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