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11097Re: What do mean I won't get an "A"

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  • Jessica
    Oct 2, 2006
      I teach 8th grade art, and it is a required quarter-long class. I
      told my kids at the beginning of the school year that yes, it is easy
      to get an "a" in my class- all you have to do is meet the requirements
      and do the work! I let them know I don't assign homework often, so
      it's very easy to do the work.

      I also have the students fill out a self-assesment, and warned them at
      the beginning of the year that what they give themselves isn't what I
      may give them- also there is an area for effort (did they work the
      whole time in class, did they challenge themselves), and surprisingly
      the students do know when they haven't been working hard and mark
      themselves down for it. I haven't taught enough to know if that makes
      their behavior change, but it is nice to know that these students are
      conscious of their behavior.

      Jessica in MN

      --- In art_education@yahoogroups.com, Act Silly 4 Art
      <actsilly4art@...> wrote:
      > Okay, I have to vent because every year I get one or two students
      who have chosen to take Art as an elective because they thought that
      it was an easy A. Arrghhh, it just gets me so mad when students come
      up to me and ask why I didn't give them an A. My reply is always the
      same, I don't give you any grade... you earn it. If you get an A in
      my class then you earned that A, if you get a C or lower in my class
      then you earned that grade. I don't randomly give out grades based on
      whether or not I like you. Grades are determined by the grading scale
      that I set and that you have seen so if you want to know why you
      earned that grade then you need to go back and look at the grades you
      earned for the quarter. The student will honestly stand there and
      look at me like I'm speaking a foreign language or tell me that
      they've never see my grading scale (which is posted on EdLine for them
      and their parents to access). It truly frustrates me. Sometimes, I
      out right ask them... why
      > are you taking art? And the answer is always the same, I thought
      it would be easy. What made you think art was easy, is what I ask
      next. I don't know, it just looks so easy and fun. Art is Fun, yes,
      but it is work also and many of my new art students have gotten a rude
      awakening this week when they saw their report card. I know next
      quarter they will work harder but it is that first quarter when new
      art students just can't fathom why they didn't get that easy A, that
      throws me in a hissy fit.
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