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11089Re: What do mean I won't get an "A"

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  • pent19
    Oct 1, 2006
      I teach intro Studio in Art class and sometimes will get the seniors
      who have put off taking this class until the last minute (Art is
      required to graduate in NY). They often believe it is an easy course
      as well, and are disappointed when the get a grade much lower than
      what they had expected. To resolve this, every project I grade has a
      rubric/checklist. Students use this rubric as a checklist, then turn
      the project and the rubric into me. I have strict deadlines for
      projects, it is turned in on the day it is due or it gets a zero.
      Students gain responsibloty by having to collect and turn work into me
      by a certain date, rolling deadlines seem to lose the effect of
      responsibility. My rubrics include handling materials properly.
      presentation (wrinkled and smudge papers), concepts learned, effort
      and elements being covered. They are a bit detailed, which take a
      minute or two to grade, but since they were given the checklist/rubric
      they should have taken the time to correct/fix what needed to worked
      on. When returned, students can see exactly where they lost points,
      instead of asking me. Since I teach 4 classes of Studio in Art and 1
      foundations in Media arts, its a record of how i graded and keeps my
      grading system fair, no favoritism. I also offer the students a
      chance to rework and fix where they lost points. They can submit the
      project for regrading up to one week before my grades are due.Students
      can earn back effort points or proper material usage points, but can
      earn back others. Students who truly care and want a better grade will
      rework their projects, those who don't want to put the extra work in
      won't. Since I have a strict deadline, students projects that may have
      been incomplete are still graded (they often get lost or not turned
      for rolling deadlines) and they can choose to come in extra and
      complete it. I have just started using this system and i didn't get
      attacked with questions and concerns once the projects were turned
      back to the students. Maybe you could try this for a quarter and see
      how it works.
      Michele NY
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