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  • Christa-Maria
    Jul 8, 2001
      Hi Ken,
      I am an European ( German) who lives in Michigan...also have lived in
      Indiana, Fort Wayne, where I ran the Children's young People's wing of
      the local Museum.
      We don't really celebrate Independence day like here in Germany with a
      lot of flag waving..had too much of that during Hitler days..:), but we
      celebrate the unification of the two Germanies. fireworks are shot off
      at New Years eve to 'blast' int he New Year.
      One year, when I was back in GErmany with my daughter we bought some
      fireworks and US flags to be prepared for our own celebration, invited
      her little friends for hot dogs and potato chips. As so happened it was
      also the night where the GErman soccer team was in the end finale for
      the World championship. Halfway through, it dawned on me that if Germany
      would loose it might not be a great idea to set off those
      firecrackers..so I had a little talk to my daughter about that, which at
      age 7 she was
      not so sure what this championship had to do with celebrating the 4th of
      All ended well, Germany won and everyone at the Hotel thought we were
      brilliant to be so prepared with firecrackers , etc.
      Glad I am back aboard..
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